Attempted Murder Downtown Montreal, Suspect Is Still On The Loose

Sunday evenings are for relaxing, Netflix, light reading, and attempted murder - apparently, as a man was nearly killed by gunshot in downtown Montreal late yesterday evening.

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According to a source, the violent incident took place when a fight sparked on the corner of Saint-Dominique and Rene Levesque late yesterday evening.  As the police arrived the victim had already been shot down to the ground. The man, who appeared to be in his thirties, was immediately rushed to the hospital. 

The suspects fled the scene successfully before the police arrived.  

Unfortunately, there is not a great deal more information as of yet about the victim nor the suspects and no arrests have been made as of yet. As this often happens with violent incidents of this nature.

Thankfully these types of incidents are fairly rare in Montreal, as you can see from this crime map most of the crimes committed across this city are mostly non-violent, just petty theft and vandalism. And remember, The city gets safer every year, crime rates have dropped 50% since 1998.

The public should rest assured, though - as a full investigation is underway in order to get to the bottoms of the cause of this violent incident.