Attention: Spring Is Coming Early To Montreal

Bye bye winter.
Attention: Spring Is Coming Early To Montreal

In case you haven't noticed yet, winter is on its way out. The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and as of today, there's only 50 days left until spring.

As some of you may know, tomorrow is Groundhog Day and if the hog doesn't see its shadow, then that means winter is almost over. Well there's no way the groundhog is going to see it's shadow this year, mainly because of the whole being dead thing.

Warning: Freezing Rain Alert In Effect In Montreal

The Winnipeg groundhog was found dead on Friday and the animal refuge cancelled the groundhog day event all together.

But regardless of whether you believe marmots have any power of nature, the reality is that temperatures will never dip below -8°C for at least the next 2 weeks. Wednesday we will even be blessed with a high of 8°C. So if we can just put up with the wind for one day, we'll be in the clear for a little while.

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