Avocado Bacon Breakfast Egg Rolls Are The Morning Meal You Never Thought Of

Photo cred - Lil' Luna

Combining avocado and bacon with just about any ingredient is a recipe for success, so when the two are joined together in a dish, you know your mouth is in for quite the treat. Even in an esoteric format, like an egg roll, will the bacon-avocado union be divine. Find out for yourself with these Avocado Bacon Breakfast Rolls, created by Lil' Luna.

A delicious form of cultural appropriation, these breakfast rolls will totally change your conception of the traditional appetizer. No cooked egg is found in these morning delights, though the egg roll itself is a pseudo-substitute. Besides, you have avocado, bacon, and cheese in the mix, which is more than enough to make one forget about eggs.

Fashioning your own Avocado Bacon Breakfast Rolls isn't too difficult, s'long as you have egg roll wrappers to hold all the ingredients together. Not too hard to come by, egg roll wrappers can be found at some major grocery stores and most Asian markets. Other than the wrappers, if you have bacon, avocado and some form of cheese (the recipe calls for pepperjack) you'll be set for a delicious first meal of the day.

On the go or with your family over the holidays, Avocado Bacon Breakfast Rolls can be enjoyed either way. Read up on the full recipe here, and just be sure to always accompany the rolls with Sriracha sauce for dipping, like your heart is already telling you.

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