Avocado Breakfast Nachos Will Make Your Morning A Whole Lot Less Boring

A unique twist on the classic dish.
Avocado Breakfast Nachos Will Make Your Morning A Whole Lot Less Boring

Photo cred - amuseyourbouche.com

Who here loves nachos? I'm assuming your response was a resounding and hunger-crazed "HELL YES I DO" because, let's be real, nachos are maybe one of the greatest snacks ever created. Cheesy, crunchy, zesty, and able to to be filled with nearly everything, nachos are the perfect compliment to any atmosphere, whether it be at a bar or at 4:20pm. But at breakfast though?

We were skeptical too, the notion of nachos in the morning seems wrong somehow. After seeing AmuseYourBouche's recipe for Breakfast Nachos, we were utterly convinced.

A hot morning mix of homemade nachos (go store-bought to save time), tons of cheese, diced tomatoes, black beans, hot sauce, avocado, and perfectly runny eggs, the Breakfast Nachos is everything you could ever want for your morning meal, just in nacho-form.

You can, of course, switch things up a bit, and add in stuff you love for breakfast. A meat-lovers Breakfast Nachos with bacon, suusages, and ham sounds amazing, as would a mix of berries, cream cheese, and crispy waffle chunks in place of some chips. Skies the limit here people.

To get a handle on Breakfast Nachos, before you go crazy with ingredient switch-ups, check out the original recipe here. If you're already in your car and far away from home, look longingly at what could be your future breakfast with the photos below.

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