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B1 Bar Presents: The Many Faces Of Jack (Daniels) !

Celebrate the magic of Jack Daniels at B1 Bar tonight, and for the next three weeks.
B1 Bar Presents: The Many Faces Of Jack (Daniels) !

In the drinking world, no name is spoken with as much reverence as Jack, Jack Daniels that is. Mr. Daniels is known in many forms, and inspires/inebriates all kinds of functional alcoholics. Guitarists are known to rock out with a glass of JD in hand, Jack is a familiar name among our rednecked brethren, and Mr. Daniels is mentioned in more than a few ballads for a reason. To celebrate the many people and ways to love JD, B1 Bar is throwing a series of parties called "The Many Faces of Jack."

No one really needs a reason to throw a JD-themed party, but B1 Bar has a good one nonetheless. Having received a HUGE Jack Daniels statue, the B1 crew thought it fit to throw a welcome party for our bosom drinking buddy Jack. B1 doesn't stop there, because why throw one welcome party when you can throw three? More JD is always better, and every Friday for the next three weeks will celebrate a JD-identity. Here's the breakdown:

Friday September 27: JACK THE ROCKSTAR PARTY - Rock out with JD on the rocks, as you party like a rockstar

Friday October 4: JACK THE REDNECK PARTY - Keep it low class and hick the best way possible, with some JD in hand

Friday October 11: JACK THE CROONER PARTY - JD will loosen you and your vocal chords up in a celebration of classic tunes

Aside from awesome themes, which you should dress up for because bartenders love customers who commit to a party, there are cheap JD drinks as an awesome incentive. With the help of a knowledgeable B1 bartender, you can create your very own JD-cocktail for only $5.

If you're JD creation is above the rest, you may just recieve a full bottle of Jack yourself. At midnight during each event one JD enthusiast will be given a 13 oz. bottle of Jack Daniels, free of charge. Get creative, get wasted.

To capture all of the shenanigans, MTL Blog will be on the scene taking pictures of the JD-debuchery. Tonight is the first event, so come out to B1 Bar in your most rocking get-up and celebrate in the name of Jack!

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