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Baby Seal Spotted In Montreal's Old Port

Cute but probably not cuddly.
Baby Seal Spotted In Montreal's Old Port

Photo cred - Port de Plaissance for Radio Canada

Montreal has a new citizen, and he or she is aquatically adorable. Making waves (literally and figuratively) around Montreal's waters is a baby hooded seal, who has been making the city cuter with each spotting.

As of now, the young hooded seal has been sighted in the Old Port last week, at the Longeuil Marina this past Monday, and near La Ronde on Tuesday, reports CBC.

Said to be about a year old, the infant seal isn't lost or anything, just a little young and lacks the navigational skills of older seals, according to a spokesperson from Quebec's emergency network for sea mammals.

Keep your eyes on the water people, and be sure to yell "Loose Seal!" when and if you see the 'lil guy. This could be your only chance to unironically make the Arrested Development reference you'll ever get.

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