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Bacon + Cannoli = Baconnoli

The latest bacon creation.
Bacon + Cannoli = Baconnoli

We've said it many times before, and we'll say it again and again: bacon makes everything better.

Italian food is always improved with some bacon, even when it comes to the sweeter side of the culinary culture.

Witness the bacon and cannoli combo we've dubbed "The Baconnoli" created by The Vulgar Chef.

Apparently the process is pretty easy. Just make a bacon weave, wrap it around a bake-able cylinder (like a cannoli tube) then fill it with whatever you please.

Go savory with cheese and noodles, make it sweet with custard and chocolate, or pack it up with potatoes, sausauge, eggs, or, dare we say, more bacon?

Feast your eyes on the Baconnoli below to inspire your bacon-creation.

How would you stuff your baconnoli?

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