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Bacon-Chocolate Shot Glasses? Yes, Bacon-Chocolate Shot Glasses

And now the world is a better place.
Bacon-Chocolate Shot Glasses? Yes, Bacon-Chocolate Shot Glasses

Why enjoy the pleasures of one vice, when you could revel in the opulence of two? Or, better yet, the sensual pleasures of three?

Fit for a Roman banquet of splendour, that's exactly what you'll get with a bacon-chocolate shot glass, a magical creation that fuses greasy goods, sinful sweets, and alcohol consumption into one.

Created by Through The Eyes Of My Belly, the choco-bacon shot glasses are a DIY affair, meaning you can enjoy the taste of whisky, cocoa, and bacon grease all in one go at your next party. Or, you know, every day for the rest of your life.

Surprisingly, the process to make these bad boys isn't all that complicated, but is a tad time consuming.

You'll first need to create some sort of mould to form the bacon. The original recipe suggested cutting up a roll of paper towel then wrapped in tin foil, but anything cylindrical could work.

From there, just wrap your bacon around your mould (thick cut works best), being sure to completely cover the bottom. You'll also need to tire the tops with twine to ensure everything stays in shot-glass shape throughout the cooking process.

Once your done, pop your uncooked bacon cups into the oven and cook 'em at 375 fahrenheit for about 20 to 30 minutes, or until tender. Make sure they don't get too crispy, however, or else the bacon will just crumble and you don't have a real cup.

Finally, to finish off everything off, you need to coat your bacon cups with chocolate so no liquid escapes when you pour shots in. See, the chocolate isn't just for the sake of ridiculousness, it's functional too!

And there you have it, by the end of this process you'll have your very own bacon-chocolate shot glasses to get wasted with. Or, if you're like myself, just eat as is because chocolate and bacon is mothertrucking delicious. Whatever you like.

For more details on the recipe, head over to the original post here.

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