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Bacon Christmas Tree? Yes, A Bacon Christmas Tree

'tis the season ... for bacon!
Bacon Christmas Tree? Yes, A Bacon Christmas Tree

Prepare your senses for the most delicious looking / smelling / tasting Christmas decoration ever created.

Seriously, why would anyone in their right minds ever want to put their presents under a tree, when they can put them under a tree made of 100% pure delicious-niciocity.

This was the creation of the mad food scientists over at and you can make a sweet or savory version depending on your mood.

Making it is surprisingly simple. All you need is a shit-ton of bacon some cream cheese (for the savory version)

Cut your bacon strips in half, roll them up in a ball and stuff them into a muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.

Form a base using 6 bacon balls, add a layer of frosting or creme cheese and keep stacking those bacon balls until your tree is complete.

Decorate with Gum Balls, Candy, Sprinkles and syrup (maple or chocolate, dealer's choice).

Eat it and spend the next hour hating yourself.

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