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Bacon & Egg Breakfast Cups Are A One Bite Morning Delight

Photo cred - Kirbie's Cravings

Consuming eggs and bacon should be the start to every Montrealers morning, nay, every person on Earth, because a good day begins with an intense dose of protein and grease, right? Right, exactly. Getting your B & Es couldn't be easier either, with this Bacon Egg Breakfast Cup recipe, which not only combines the two into one bite, but also makes it transportable for an on-the-go morning meal.

Simplifying things beyond belief, this recipe by Kirbie's Cravings uses only two ingredients, and, you guessed it, they're bacon and eggs. Yup, simply line a muffin tin with bacon, crack an egg into each "bacon cup" then bake until they're as runny or firm as you like.

Costco-style precooked bacon is used in the original recipe, a solid suggestion for those super pressed for time, though we can't advocate anything but freshly fried bacon. Frying the bacon will tack five more minutes onto the recipe's length, but it's worth it for that scintillating sizzle that will wake you up in the morning better than a cup of coffee, not to mention the inevitable bacon grease splash that'll burn you awake too.

Check out theBacon Egg Breakfast Cup recipe here, and feast your eyes on pics below.

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