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Bacon Flavoured Coffee? Yes, Bacon Flavoured Coffee

Somehow, coffee just got better.
Bacon Flavoured Coffee? Yes, Bacon Flavoured Coffee

Photo cred - Maza Letel

We can think of only one way of making a cup of coffee even more comforting: add bacon. That may be our solution to many a problem, and for a good reason, because as we're wont to say "bacon makes everything better," including coffee. More than just a pork pipedream, bacon coffee truly does exist, thanks to Boca Java's Maple Bacon Morning blend.

Arabica coffee beans are infused with subtle hints of maple and delicious bacon to create a trinity of early morning comfort. A light roast, the Maple Bacon Morning coffee is the cup of Joe we've been searching for, containing all the flavours of maple bacon with none of the calories.

Knowing that Maple Bacon Coffee people are gluttons for decadence, Boca Java also recommends their Banana Foster Float Coffee. A dessert transmuted into coffee form, the bean-blend brews a coffee with banana, cinnamon, brandy and brown sugar flavours. Add some milk/cream, and you're set to have dessert for breakfast, guilt free.

Need that bacon or banana coffee right now? Order either blend online at Boca Java's Maple Bacon Coffee and Banana Foster Float Coffee listings on their website.

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