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Bacon + Nutella + French Toast = The Nutella & Bacon Stuffed French Toast

Nutella and bacon are a match made in breakfast heaven.
Bacon + Nutella + French Toast = The Nutella & Bacon Stuffed French Toast

Nutella and bacon were meant to be together. It may seem strange, but the two foods have a lot in common. Both are highly addictive, incredibly decadent, and are best eaten in the morning, when you won't feel as guilty/can burn off the excess calories the rest of the day. Enter the Nutella and Bacon Stuffed French Toast by Domesticate ME!, the perfect way to make your mornings sinfully delicious.

What you've got here is a breakfast trifecta: nutty/sweet/cocoa-y nutella, greasy and crunchy bacon, and moist and fluffy challah bread, all combined in one dish. Yes, you can use another type of bread for French Toast, but we all know challah is best. That's pretty much all you need for this recipe, aside from some milk, eggs, spices, and butter, all of which you should have on-hand for impromptu French Toast anyway.

Bust out any old French Toast recipe and  follow along the images to learn how to create this nutella-bacon concoction. You can head to the original recipe, which opens up with a cute anecdote, or just get on foodgasming below.

First, cook your bacon.

You can use your oven, as shown, or just do it in a pan, just be sure to save the drippings!

Slice challah bread into thick (3/4 inch) slices

Smear on the Nutella (quite liberally, of course)

Add on crumbled bacon

Whisk up a French Toast batter (eggs, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon,salt)

Dunk in your nutella-bacon-bread, soak each side for 1 minute

Fry each side in butter (or bacon grease for that extra kick) for about 3-4 minutes/'til golden brown

Indulge. Make sure you're already sitting down, 'cuz your knees may buckle from tasty ecstasy

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