Bacon Poutine Chips Are Now A Thing You Can Eat

Your new favourite chip flavour.
Bacon Poutine Chips Are Now A Thing You Can Eat

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Lay's Chips is asking Canada what kind of chips they want to eat, and obviously poutine is the answer. Sorry, make that Bacon Poutine. One of four finalists in Lay's Canada-wide chip flavour competition, the Bacon Poutine (created by a Quebecer, no less) will only become a legit new flavour if it's voted as the most wanted by Canadians. Bacon Poutine Lay's definitely has our vote, and we assume most of Montreal's as well.

The $50, 000 cash prize contest received 1.25 million submissions, according to The Spectator, but only four were chosen to be voted on by the public. Voting begins tomorrow and will end Oct. 15th. Here are the 4 flavours in the running:

  • Bacon Poutine on Original Lay's by Guillaume Lorrain of Trois-Rivières, Quebec
  • Jalapeno Mac N' Cheese on Wavy Lay's by Randall Litman of Calgary.
  • Cinnamon Bun on Original Lay's by Gloria Melanson of London, Ontario
  • Tzatziki on Kettle Cooked Lay's by Denise Vella of Cambridge, Ontario

You'd think that Bacon Poutine chips would have this on in the bag (the chip bag, that is) but there's some solid contenders in this flavour competition. Spicy Mac n' Cheese sounds very Dorito-esque (thus awesome), Tzatziki, if anything like President's Choice Greek flavoured chips, will be delicious, and the novelty of a sweet chip could win the contest.

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Show some province-pride and get a bag of Bacon Poutine chips then vote to make it the newest Lay's chip flavour. Voting will officially begin on August 12th at 1pm, with all flavours hitting stores soon, if not already in certain locations. Once tomorrow hits, you can start voting here.

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