Bacon Stuffed Egg And Cheese Waffle Sandwich? Yes, Bacon Stuffed Egg And Cheese Waffle Sandwich

Photo cred - bunsinmyoven

Hold your hats Montreal because we've found the world greatest breakfast sandwich ever created. While most sandwiches are satisfied with just layering delicious food items on top of each other,  this one is literally stuffed with pure happiness.

Introducing the Stuffed Bacon Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich. And it solves the biggest problem sandwiches have which is: staying assembled. Too many times I've been eating a sandwich only to have pieces of it fall out every time I take a bite. Not all sandwiches are created equal and this one guards your food like a Roman Centurion.  The best part is, you can eat this with one hand which means you have free hand to hold a 2nd sandwich. Score! and if you're feeling adventurous dip it in maple syrup, you won't regret it.

Here's how you can make your own Stuffed Bacon Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich. (Yes, you'll need a waffle maker, unless you're a wizard Harry.)

Eggs - Milk - Shredded cheese - Bacon - Refrigerated biscuit dough

Scramble your eggs and cook you bacon. Cut your biscuits open without separating the two halves. Place the opened biscuit on your waffle iron and add the rest of your ingredients inside. Make sure the biscuit dough is fully sealed around the egg cheese and bacon and close your waffle iron without crushing the biscuits.

For more detailed instructions, check out bunsinmyoven.