Bacon Wrapped Tater-Tots Are What You Will Want To Eat As Soon As Possible

Photo cred - momspark

Who doesn't love tatter-tots? Those delicious little seasoned potato bits all squished together and deep fried. They put french fries to shame because unlike regular fries, tater tots can be served at any time of the day. One thing's for sure, you never share your tots.


Especially if they're wrapped in bacon! That's right bacon has been proven to enhance just about any food: burgers, pizza, ice cream and of course Oreos. And tots are no exception, so prepare your eyes and your stomachs for these amazing bacon wrapped tater-tots.

Photo cred - momspark

All you'll need is bacon, frozen tater-tots, (thawed to room temperature) some brown sugar and some chili powder. Sprinkle chilli powder all over the tater tots and roll the bacon in brown sugar. Wrap the tots in bacon back them on a cookie sheet for 10-15 minutes at 75 degrees.

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