Bad Habits You Will Pick Up When You Move To Montreal

Speaking Frenglais is one of them.
Bad Habits You Will Pick Up When You Move To Montreal

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When you move away from home, things are bound to change. Maybe you change your morning run, to a morning yoga sesh. Switch up your jeans to sweat pants. Different living arrangements call for different behaviours. Although, I have noticed that once people move here, there is a certain set of not so nice habits Montreal imposes on its inhabitants. If you’ve lived here, or know someone that does, I’m positive you’ll be able to relate.

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1. Cigarette Smoking

The most classic Montrealer habit. Legit EVERYONE in this city smokes. And once you move here, so will you. You may think you’re above the whole thing, but at some point you’ll find yourself puffing away wondering what went wrong.

2. Drunk Snacking

For some reason, when you get drunk in MTL, that also means that you are going to get a snack. Food and drinking have a bond here like no other. That’s why there are so many places to get drunk food.

3. Hibernation

The winter here is so awful, you will turn in to a bear. No lie. A big furry, sleepy bear. It’s not uncommon for people to be in bed until 4PM and hide out in cave-like quarters.

4. Bar/Party Hopping

There are just so many damn things to do here. People don’t normally stay in one place for too long, because plans don’t permit it. You can’t pass up on a raging party and Beyonce night at Korovas, so you have to do both!

5. Aggressive Behaviour

I had never tried to actually punch someone until I moved to Montreal. But the people here are persistent and aggressive, so you have to be as well. It’s a survival technique. Trust me.

6. Falling In To School Rivalries

We all know deep down that these rivalries are just for fun and games. But people can really get into butting heads so. Oh well, it keeps you expelling school pride at least.

7. Public Urination/Vomiting

Don’t lie. We all know you’ve done it. There's a reason Saint Laurent looks the way it does.

8. Frenglais

The awkward push and pull between whether or not to speak French is a real struggle. Service folk will see you struggling and automatically switch to English. But if you try to continue in French, it just becomes an awful mishmash of languages.

9. Shopaholic Tendencies

There are just so many adorable boutiques and vintage shops. What are we to do? You can only window shop for so long before you give in…

10. Over Layering

Because we all burrito ourselves in the winter (as we should) it can become difficult to get out of the habit. It feels weird to leave the house in just a t-shirt and shorts, even if it is 30 degrees outside.