Bad News: The SAQ Is Raising The Price Of Alcohol Again

Your 5 à 7 is about to get more expensive.
Bad News: The SAQ Is Raising The Price Of Alcohol Again

Summer is the season of 5 à 7 on patios, drinking beer in the park, and trying all of the different rosés on the market. By now, you've probably already found your summer drink of choice, whether it be a cheap white wine or a fun cocktail.

Unfortunately, your favourite beverage is about to get more expensive, because the SAQ has just increased the prices on more than 1,200 items, both in-store and online.

These changes, which were introduced yesterday, are the third such price hikes the SAQ has announced in the space of a year.

A spokesperson for the SAQ told the Journal de Quebec that the price increase is due in part to an increase in the federal excise tax and the re-negotiation of the whole price sale of many products.

The most affected products are the "luxury products" like expensive spirits. Hennessy X.O., for example, is now priced at 304,50$, a $7.05 increase.

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But it's not just luxury goods that are becoming more expensive. Popular wines like the Barefoot Pinot Grigioor the Chardonnay Citra Terre di blanc are affected by the price hike, increasing by $0.20.

The average price increase is about $0.25.

This is the third price increase in the last year. The SAQ is allowed to increase its prices twice a year, in May and November. They have used the last three opportunities to increase prices.

The news comes amidst revelations that the SAQ has made 425.5 M$ in net profit in its third trimester.

The SAQ has announced a price increase for over 1,200 products just in time for the summer season. The average price hike is of about $0.25.

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