Barack Obama Is Coming To Canada This May, Here's Where You Can See Him

Barack is comin' back!
Barack Obama Is Coming To Canada This May, Here's Where You Can See Him

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, will be travelling to Canada next month to speak with Canada 2020, a "progressive think-tank" based out of Ottawa.

The visit from Obama is slated to be a Question and Answer session that is sure to pull a huge crowd from all over the surrounding region.

The date is set for May 31st and tickets are only $75! More details below.

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TL;DR Former United States President, Barack Obama, is scheduled to attend a Question and Answer session next month in Canada and tickets are only $75!

The event is being marketed as a Q & A where Obama will be answering questions, likely in the realm of the host's mission statement as Canada's "leading independent progressive think-tank."

The Question and Answer session will go down on May 31st at Ottawa's Canadian Tire Centre. Doors are at 7PM.

You can buy your presale tickethere on April 25th at 10AM. General admission goes on sale on the 26th at noon.

No firm details on the cost of tickets from their website or Twitter, though La Presse is reporting that tickets will be priced at $75. 

It seems that people are excited about the former U.S. President, because their site appears to be down.

Clickhere for more information from the event host, when the site comes back. 

I'm interested to know if the questions will be from audience members or delivered by a panel? I guess we'll just have to wait and find out!


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