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Barack Obama Is In Montreal Today, Here's Where You'll Be Able To Spot Him

The former President of the United States of America is in Montreal today, and here's everything you need to know

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Barack Obama will be holding a speech at the Palais des Congres. 

So far, the only thing anyone knows for sure so far is that Barack Obama's speech will be held at 5:00 PM, It will last 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Q&A.

The rest of his plans are being kept confidential. The same goes for the topic of his speech, the former president has been permission to talk about anything he wants so no one knows exactly what this speech will be about. 

The Montreal Chamber of Commerce admitted that organizing this visit has been their biggest logistical challenge ever since they only had 4 weeks to get everything done. They even considered the Bell Center as a possible venue to make sure they could fit eveyone in. 

The speech will be broadcast on CNN, CTV and Global in English and on TVA and RDI in French

But if TV just won't do it for you, you can still buy tickets for the event right here.


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