Bare Breasted Women Brave The Streets Of New York City

Jordan Matter's new photo collection 'Uncovered.'
Bare Breasted Women Brave The Streets Of New York City

Bare breasts are a source of shock and awe. Little has changed in society's reaction to the naked female chest, at least in public. To take back the public sphere and reshape the reaction of feminine nudity, photographer Jordan Matter, known for his photo collection Dancers Among Us, has released a new volume of photos entitled Uncovered, a collection of brave women revealing themselves in New York City Streets. Women from all walks of life are featured in Matters new photo collection, old and young, executives and artists, all varying in education, with each image embracing the feminine form and embracing one's body despite social stigmas.

Before anyone goes off calling this post and Matter's collection 'pornography' or 'demeaning to women' keep in mind that each woman featured was a willing volunteer, with the entire mission of the collection to empower women, not objectify them. Many of the women photographed noted feelings of euphoria after their shirtless photo-shoot, gaining a sense of accomplishment for overcoming their personal fears of physical inadequacy. Some wrote personal anecdotes about their experience and accompany their photos within Uncovered. Check out a sample of Uncovered below, an ode to the feminine form.

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