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Barack Obama's Personal Chef To Cook For Montrealers This Week

Be like Barack, or at least eat like him.
Barack Obama's Personal Chef To Cook For Montrealers This Week

This weekend, eat like a president. And not just any president, eat like the one and only Barack Obama. How? Attend the Taste of the Carribbean Festival, where one of Obama's personal chefs will be serving delicious Caribbean culinary creations.

Chef Daniel Thomas, private chef to the most powerful men and women in Washington, and the chef responsible for personally preparing the meals of the president and vice president of the United States, will be hosting two events this weekend as part of the TOTC Festival. Not only is his cuisine certainly delectable (just look at his regular clientele) you'll also be able to say you've eaten like the boss of bosses, Barrack.

Thomas isn't the only reason to check out the TOTC Festival, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary. A bunch of other acclaimed chefs will be doling out the dishes and tons of food and entertainment events will be held, so you'll be pleasantly stuffed no matter what part of the festival you attend.

If you're not familiar with Caribbean food, and Montreal is certainly lacking in that department, your in for a flavourful treat.

Gobama and get your ticketshere and check out more details on the FB page.

Will you be checking out the Taste of the Caribbean Festival?

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