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BeaverTails Montreal Will Be Giving Away Unlimited FREE Pastries For Their 40th Anniversary

Everybody's favorite Canadian Dessert.
BeaverTails Montreal Will Be Giving Away Unlimited FREE Pastries For Their 40th Anniversary

BeaverTails are to Canadian Kids what glazed donuts are to American kids.  After a long day of skiing or ice skating, nothing warmed your spirit quite like the fluffy and cinnamon-ey taste of this classic Canadian pasty.

And to celebrate this 40th year and milestone, Canadian pastry makers BeaverTails will be participating in a one-of-a-kind promotion for their loyal clients. 

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Friday June 1st, will be the first-ever "National BeaverTails Pastry Day" for BeaverTails, where from 2 - 4PM they will be giving away unlimited free Classic Cinnamon & Sugar pastries. Yes, you heard right, FREE!

BeaverTails is also going to introduce the launch of their limited-edition Birthday Cake BeaverTails pastry, available starting from June 4th until September 30th, at all locations across Montreal (excluding their FSP locations).

A mouth-watering concoction of vanilla icing, a mini cupcake, rainbow sprinkles, and a sparkler, topped off with a dash of nostalgia. Now, who wouldn't want those rainbow sprinkles for their birthday?

Via BeaverTails

So - if you're a BeaverTails fan, or you just haven't had one since you were seven-years-old and are craving a little taste of Nostalgia, head down to the Old Port on June 1st for a special sweet treat. 

For more information, visit their official Facebook page, HERE!

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