BeaverTails + Hot-Dog = The BeaverDog

A match made in fast-food heaven.
BeaverTails + Hot-Dog = The BeaverDog

BeaverTails have once again outdone themselves in the field of delicious combinations. In addition to their insanely delicious regular menu creations, they have kindly offered the world the BeaverTails poutine as well as the Maple Bacon Nutella BeaverTail. They've essentially proven that a beaver tail truly is the ultimate vessel to deliver all things amazing. So why not combine the beaver tail with another staple of any good Montrealer's diet? I'm talking of course about hot dogs.

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This is the Beaver Dog, and it's the only food named after 2 animals that thankfully doesn't actually contain any parts of said animals. It couldn't be any simpler: we have hot dog and we need to put it in something. If you're a BeaverTails employee, there's clearly only one option.

Although it seems like something you'd create while drunk at 4 am after realizing you have hotdogs but no buns, it's nevertheless something we all need to try ASAP.

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