BeaverTails Will Be Giving Out Free Pastries This Weekend In Montreal

BeaverTails are basically a staple dessert in Montreal. Seriously, try going to grab one yourself and not be trampled over by dozens of tourists looking to get an 'authentic' Montreal treat.

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TL;DR Free cinnamon & sugar BeaverTails are being handed out this Sunday in Montreal in recognition of World Food Day. Each person looking to grab a pastry must bring at least 3 non-parishable food items in exchange.

The pastry is the perfect snack for a cold day in the city, much like the weather we'll be experiencing this weekend. So really, you already have good reason to go grab one and treat yourself after a super long week.

But, if that wasn't enough incentive, what if I told you that this weekend you can get a BeaverTail completely free?

It's true! Montrealers are in for a pretty big treat (seriously) this windy weekend. All thanks to World Food Day, the popular chain of pastry shops will be handing out the delicacies and you won't have to pay a dime!

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Only the cinnamon & sugar flavour will be available for this special deal, but who are we to complain about free food? The only catch is that in exchange for a pastry you have to donate at least three non-perishable food items. Most of us already have a few cans of soup lying around that we won't be opening anytime soon, so it really is a win-win situation!

The BeaverTails are being handed out this Sunday, October 14 from 3PM - 5PM at Queues de Castor Premium Outlets Montreal.

This is definitely a deal you will not want to miss!