Because Sharing Is Caring, 'LeftoverSwap' Is The Next Big App

Because sharing is caring. LeftoverSwap has come out with the next big app. Launching on August 30th 2013, their motto is "You're hungry. And cheap. We understand." The iPhone app that lets you share your left overs with others in your area. Android coming soon after.

We are reaching the ecological limits that our planet can bear, and when we chop down forests, as we are every day, to grow more and more food, when we extract water from depleting water reserves, when we emit fossil fuel emissions in the quest to grow more and more food, and then we throw away so much of it, we have to think about what we can start saving.

-- Tristram Stewart from his TED talk.

Until the app launches, you can sign up to receive email updates or better yet, follow their twitter account @leftoverswap. An app that can assure less waste, lead to less obesity and give you the opportunity to meet the people in your city that like the same food as you sounds like a great move.