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Bed Bugs Are Infesting Stores Across Montreal

One shopper found the critters in his new clothes from a super popular store!
Bed Bugs Are Infesting Stores Across Montreal

In the last few months there have been reports of bed bugs all over the city. The little critters were actually confirmed to be roaming the BAnQ library in downtown Montreal last month and you have to admit it gave you the chills just thinking about it.

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You were probably hoping there'd be news of the bugs finally going away, with public places officially being safe from the creepy crawlies. Unfortunately, this announcement is on the darker side, with the bugs running even more rampant around Montreal. In fact, there's a really good chance bed bugs are living it up right in your favourite stores across the city.

In one popular store located in the city centre, H&M to be exact, one customer spotted a bed bug crawling out their purchased item. We all know that when there's one bed bug, there are hundreds more. It's definitely concerning to think that if high-end stores are having problems with the bugs we can only imagine how it is in the thousands of other shops around the city. 

The super popular thrift store across Canada known as Value Village has also been called out for having a massive infestation at its Montreal locations. Both clothing stores have confirmed that they immediately brought in an extermination team to get rid of the nasty insects.

Experts warn the public that if you're going to buy clothes, make sure to look through them thoroughly when you go to the changing room in the store as well as when you get home. They also recommend running your new outfits through a dryer before wearing them to ensure all traces of the bed bugs are gone.

We can only hope that stores across the city take action, even if just as a precaution, so none of us have to go through the experience of bed bugs hitching a ride on our our new clothes.


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