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Beer And Wine In Quebec May Be Getting More Expensive

Will this really make us drink less?
Beer And Wine In Quebec May Be Getting More Expensive

We've been having a lot of problems with alcohol recently in Quebec. As in, the high-percentage sugary drinks have been linked to some pretty serious accidents and even deaths. I know you've heard about it.

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That's why a lot of depanneurs opted to pull them from their shelves and why people are starting to stray away from the once uber popular Four Loko and drinks of the same kind.

Seems as though the government thinks that more steps need to be taken in order to help Quebecers with these alcohol-related problems. And one of the things they're thinking about doing is making alcohol more expensive.

I can personally say that I'm already kinda peeved about how expensive alcohol is when you go out. But unfortunately it may be getting more expensive soon.

Éduc'alcool is suggesting, with the new alcohol law 170, that there be a minimum price of $1.70 per alcoholic drink. Some studies suggest that with a minimum price, teens and vulnerable customers would be discouraged from drinking excessively.

Now, that doesn't really sound like a lot, but if you think about it, it can add up. That would mean that a 24 pack of beer couldn't be sold for less than $40!

The minister of public security, Martin Coiteuxlex, is apparently saying that they may ban alcohol drinks with more than 7% alcohol in grocery stores and depanneurs. Now I really hope that doesn't include wine!

On top of that, Éduc'alcool is going to be imposing mandatory courses for serveurs and bartenders. This mesure is definitely feasible as it simply requires they take a 4 hour course that will give them the skills and knowledge that can help them save lives.

One of the most significant changes that they're trying to implement with this new law is a change in attitude and perspective for those selling alcohol. They need to take more responsibility in order to understand the consequences of their actions.

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