Beer Is Better For You Than Wine, According To Science

Put a cork in that wine and grab a brew.
Beer Is Better For You Than Wine, According To Science

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Wine has long been touted as the "healthy" alcohol, a psuedo-fact we've talked about a lot, with tons of research released on the regular saying how the red 'n white stuff is good for your body. Beer, on the other hand, always gets a bad rap, though Charlie Bamforth (real name), a professor of brewing sciences (real title), believes a brew may be better for you, reports NPR.

Working out of the University of California,early research conducted by Bamforth claims that, in comparison to wine, beer has many more beneficial nutrients and compounds. Bamforth claims beer to be far superior to wine when it comes to per volume content of:

  • Selenium (reduces blood pressure, aids in thyroid functioning)
  • Vitamin B (red blood cell creation)
  • Phosphorous (bone formation, cell repair)
  • Folate (prevents heart disease, increases brain functioning)
  • Niacin (improve cholesterol levels, cardiovascular health)
  • Silicon (bone and skin health)
  • Protein
  • Fiber

A bit surprising, as beer is usually just cited as the cause of big bellies, but apparently, beer also beats out wine in the antioxidant department. Beer contains antioxidants  the body can readily absorb (e.g. ferulic acid), whereas those found in wine are more difficult for your body to utilize, meaning even if a beer's antioxidant levels are lower in content, your body will actually be able to use them.

The magical health effects apparently found in beer aren't solely found in darker "healthy" beers like Guinness or craft brews. According to Bamforth, the nutritional benefits of beer are found across all brands and types. Use that tidbit to justify your next purchase of a 10.1% at the dep.

This doesn't mean you can down a six-pack and have zero repercussions, as beer still does contain a lot of carbohydrates, and a fair amount of extra calories VS wine. But as long as your generally healthy and active, beer won't break your diet as much as you think, and may help you live longer with its many nutritional boons. Take that wine, you've been dethroned.

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