Beer of the Week: Belle Gueule Hefeweizen

Beer of the Week: Belle Gueule Hefeweizen

Summer heat demands a solid brew to cool down with. There's nothing like lowering your body heat while simultaneously raising your blood alcohol content. Beaches, patios, or simply sweaty living rooms demand a cold beer. In Montreal, with so many local breweries and imports, the beer selection is quite vast and a tad intimidating. Don't sweat it though, MTL Blog is here with our 'Beer of the Week' to let you know the best brew to pair with some fun in the sun.

First on our to-drink list is Belle Guelle's Hefeweizen, an ale that comes direct from Les Brasseurs RJ in Montreal. A high fermentation type wheat beer, the Hefeweizen is specially brewed with Bavarian yeast culture to invoke the flavours found in German beer gardens.  The Hefeweizen boasts a solid 5.2% alcohol content, and while available all year, is perfect for summer lovin'

Poured out of the bottle the Hefeweizen has a dark orange/amber colour that carries on into its flavour. You can definitly taste strong undertones of orange and wheat that aren't too overpowering as the Hefeweizen definitly goes down smooth. Similiar to other citrus-y beers (e.g.  original Hoegarden), the Hefeweizen is nicely complimented by a slice of orange squeezed in. Go even further and add a splash of OJ for a sophisticated brass monkey, just be wary of how much you add. No one wants to ruin an already great beer.

As an homage to the great beers of Germany, Belle Guelle's Hefeweizen lives up to the tradition. Light and fruity with bubbles that won't go flat, the Hefeweizen is a great choice for anyone looking for a new ale. Or just a good beer to drink.

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