Beer Or Coffee, Which One Makes You More Creative?

Will a cup of coffee or a pint of beer make work better?
Beer Or Coffee, Which One Makes You More Creative?

Everyone has their vice. Some need a cup of coffee to get their mind started, lest they be a groggy bitch all day. Others need to unwind with a beer, or two, or six, to get their creative juices flowing. Drinking beer may not seem like the best catalyst for inspiration, but look back to some of your past drunk conversations or pick-up lines as proof of how creative you can be when inebriated. The question is, when it comes to creativity and work ethic, which is better, coffee or beer?

Blogger Mikael Cho thought the same thing, and decided to research the effects of both substances on the brain. To make our lives a little easier, and not be bored by scientific jargon and difficult words, Japanese website ILoveCoffee made a helpful infographic summarizing Cho's findings. Helpful, informative, and a little surprising, check out the Coffee vs. Beer infographic below.

Basically, if you got writers block, a pint is in order. Once you got that idea formed in you head, its time to trade in the pitcher for a pot of coffee, as the caffeine will keep you focused, unlike alcohol. Great things to keep in mind the next time you have to write an essay or are struggling with a work presentation. Here's to our vices, helping us get work done and making life a little easier.

Source - I Love Coffee 

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