Beer That Hydrates You As You Drink It Is Now A Thing

Hangover free beer has always been something people have been looking to invent however some really good news out of Australia might of be just what we were looking for. A team of researchers have created a beer that re-hydrates you as you drink it thanks to a good and healthy amount of electrolytes that has been infused in it. Think beer flavored 'Powerade' or 'Gatorade' but only a hell of a lot less disgusting.

The team of amazing guys behind is all are from the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland, and they state that they have actually "improved" beer with their new recipe. To test it all out and make sure they were on the right path they enhanced to different commercial beers one of which was a light beer the other a dark beer and gave them to test subjects who had just been exercising.

The clinical participants had to replace 150% of the body mass lost during the workout withing an hour by drinking one of four beers. Two of the beers were electrolyte-enhanced  and the other two were regular beers. Now can you guess what happened? The results showed that the electrolyte-enhanced beer helped re-hydrate by way more then two thirds better

Now for the only negative part about all of this amazing news, its that this beer is not yet available to be sold on the market yet. Our weekly and even bi weekly hangovers are going to have to continue for just that much longer.

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