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Bell Canada Wants To Control Which Website You Can And Can't Access

The internet doesn't belong to you!
Bell Canada Wants To Control Which Website You Can And Can't Access

It's a move that's being called "radical" but if they get their way, Bell Canada might soon be able to block you from visiting certain websites. 

According to CBC, The telecommunication company wants the CRTC to create blacklist of website which would include streaming and torrent sites, and Bell Canada would then be able to block you from accessing them. 

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Bell Senior VP or regulatory affairs said that:

"People are actually leaving the regulated [TV] system, not just because they want to watch Netflix but because they want to watch free content." 

Sure it sounds unfair to them in the same way that taxi drivers were complaining about Uber, but that doesn't mean Bell should be allowed to get their way. 

First lets examine why people are cutting their cable. 

TV used to be free back when basic cable was your only option, and to pay for all that fine programming, TV shows had commercial interruptions. That made sense at the time.

But now we actually pay for our TV channels, in fact we pay a lot, and yet we still have to sit and watch commercials. 

It's been going on for far too long, it's unfair to the consumer, and people are getting sick and tired of it. Why should you have to pay for something twice? 

THAT'S the real reason why people prefer streaming over cable, and until Bell figures it out, they're going to keep losing clients to services who treat their customers right. 

So please Bell, stop being an asshole and trying to control us, the internet doesn't belong to you.


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