Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream In Montreal

Free Cone Day is almost here!
Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream In Montreal

Ben and Jerry's ice cream is worth dishing out the money for. It's creamy, it's cold, it's delicious. I mean, it's good quality ice cream. You can't really go wrong there.

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The only thing that could make this icy treat more appealing is if we didn't have to pay for it. Oh wait, next month we won't.

That's right! "Free Cone Day" is back and Ben and Jerry's!

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I wait every year for this day to roll around because I know that it's coming and I need to plan my schedule around it. This is a deal you just can't afford to miss out on.

They've been giving out free cones, once a year, since 1979 and personally, I'm really glad that this tradition stuck.

This year, the event is on April 10, 2018. Not every Ben and Jerry's location is participating, so be sure to check beforehand before showing up and being disappointed. You can use this map from their website that lets you weed out the shops that won't give you free ice cream (the lame ones).

In Montreal, this event is offered at :

Ben & Jerry's De Maisonneuve from 12p.m to 8p.m

Ben & Jerry's  McGill College from 12p.m to 5p.m

Ben & Jerry's Vieux-Montréal from 12p.m to 8p.m

Take it from a "Free Cone Day" veteran, get there early. At the very least, be ready to spend a little bit of time in line. The deal really can't get any better than this, so obviously, everyone who lives even remotely close to a participating Ben and Jerry's location will show up.

Check out their Facebook event for everything you'll need to know.


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