Ben & Jerry's Is Giving Out Free Ice Cream In Montreal

The best day of the year.

Is there anything in the world quite like a decadent, delicious scoop of Ben and Jerry's on a beautiful, sunny day? The answer to that is a big, resounding, "Nope." There's just something about Ben & Jerry's creamy, sweet, flavour-packed ice cream that instantly makes everyone who tries it super, super happy.

Of course, I can think of something that might make you even happier than that. Are you ready for it? Okay: Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream. That's right, friends. It doesn't matter if you're a lover of Phish Food, or if you're more of a Cherry Garcia lover (I'm more of a Half Baked gal myself) - because free Ben & Jerry's ice cream is the best ice cream.

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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is taking place in Montreal on April 12, 2016. To get the full list of Ben & Jerry's establishments that are taking part in Montreal's Free Cone Day, check out this interactive map on the Ben & Jerry's website. And don't forget to follow their Facebook event page for updates leading up to this most glorious of spring activities.

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