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Ben & Jerry's Say Yes To Marijuana-Infused Ice Cream

It was only a matter of time.
Ben & Jerry's Say Yes To Marijuana-Infused Ice Cream

Photo cred - budsmagazine

Marijuana enthusiast can finally rejoice. (Not that they haven't been rejoicing) Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield whom you may know better as Ben & Jerry just announced to HuffingtonPost that they are open to making a cannabis infused ice cream.

Ben and Jerry are known to be supporters of the green movement as you can tell by some of the flavors they've already released: Half Baked, Satisfy My Bowl, Cherry Garcia and of course the wonderfully appropriately named "Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Encore Edition"

The ice cream would be made available in all the states where weed is legal. (which means we have yet another reason to push for legalization in Montreal) So now we only have one question left to ask: If you're getting high while eating ice-cream, what the hell are you supposed to eat when you get the munchies?


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