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Ben Stiller Filming Hollywood Movie In Dorval & Mile-End This Week

You chance to spot a cinematic legend.
Ben Stiller Filming Hollywood Movie In Dorval & Mile-End This Week

When Ben Stiller came to town, most people assumed he would film a few quick scenes for his movie Brad's Status, and be on his way.

But actually, he's been here since the start of October and he still  hasn't left yet.

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Actually, Stiller was very busty over weekend filming in several location around town.

Saturday, a section of St-Laurent Boulevard near Bernard street was closed off to film some scenes.

The film crew was also spotted near St-Viateur:

via @eleijonmtl

The day before, Stiller was spotted in Dorval near the IGA where he graciously posed for pictures with a fan.

via @bhokitty

And the day before that, he was in Pointe-Claire where he grabbed some lunch at Avocado Sushi du Village and made another one of his fans very happy.

via @avocadosushiduvillage

You should always keep your eyes peeled when you're walking around Montreal.

You just never know, one minute you're walking to work and the next you're shaking hands with one of your idols.

via @marievejoncas

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