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Best All-You-Can-Eat Sushi In Montreal

Unlimited amounts of your favourite dishes.
Best All-You-Can-Eat Sushi In Montreal

Guys, I have a confession: I am literally obsessed with sushi. And I know I'm not alone. There's something about these legit morsels of happiness that gets me - and pretty much everyone else - every time.

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Thankfully, Montreal is full of all you can eat sushi restaurants, so that we can all indulge in our favourite dishes. And although they're all fantastic in their own way, a select few truly shine.

1. Takumi

via @alexandra_mlo

405 Rue Sherbrooke E

With a unique and extensive menu, super high quality ingredients, and incredibly fresh sushi, this Plateau all you can eat sushi spot is legit one of the best dining decisions you could possibly make.


2. K2 Bistro

via @jihainee_freaks

1468 Rue Crescent

A great place for all you can eat sushi in downtown Montreal, K2 is trendy, friendly, and known for serving up some awesome, fresh, and flavourful sushi.


3. Fisshu

via @sushingada

537 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

This BYOW all you can eat sushi restaurant is located in downtown Montreal, and is legit one of the tastiest spots to grab a whole lot of sushi.


4. Sushi Crystal

via @foodiefromdxb

4075 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Situated near Westmount, Sushi Crystal is always fresh, flavourful, and a whole lot of fun... so, in other words, always there to satisfy even your deepest sushi craves.


5. Sushi St. Jean

via @alyyciaa

1000 Boul Saint-Jean

Probably one of the more better known spots for AYCE sushi, Sushi St. Jean specializes in quick service, awesome food, and an incredibly trendy vibe. Bonus points for the fact that you get to order your food from tablets.


6. Hasu

via @mbradsullivan

2762 Boulevard Saint-Charles

This West Island all you can eat sushi restaurant is actually what every sushi lover's dreams are made of. The food is awesome and the menu is reasonably priced; combined with the service and ambiance, this place will have you hooked.


7. Sushi Plus

via @mskelslevy

5940 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Fresh, flavourful, and always amazing, Sushi Plus is one of the best spots for all you can eat sushi in the city. So, if you're craving some raw fish (or other awesome options, like chicken yakitori) then you know exactly where you need to go.


8. Mitsuki

via @lolitaleee

8840 Boulevard Leduc

Located in Brossard's Dix30 complex, Mitsuki is legit an awesome choice if you're in the mood for some delicious and fresh sushi (and other great dishes, too!)


*Disclaimer: All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog’s “Best Of” lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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