Best All You Can Eat Sushi In Montreal

One roll is never enough.
Best All You Can Eat Sushi In Montreal

Who doesn't love sushi? No really. Sushi is as much-loved as pizza and ice cream. Why else would all-you-can-eat sushi concepts exist?  One roll is truly not enough.

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It's a good thing Montreal has quite a few all-you-can-eat Japanese-style restaurants all around the city. Many offer the same formula and competitive prices. For the maximum experience, these restaurants are best visited by a big group of friends.

We've combed through a list of the restaurant thatoffer an all-you-can-eat menu and here are the spots that people are buzzing about.

8. Takumi Fusion Asiatique

Where: 405 Rue Sherbrooke E // Plateau

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Why you should go: With a central location and large and airy interior space, this all-you-can-eat sushi spot is a downtown favorite for sushi-lovers around the city.


7. Sushi Palace

Where: 1803 Rue Poirier // Saint-Laurent

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Why you should go: Sushi Palace is a great option for Montrealers living out in the North/West end of the Island. With a big spacious interior, it's perfect to bring a group of friends.


6. Hasu

Where: 2762 Saint-Charles Blvd // Kirkland

Why you should go: Hasu is located in Kirkland, so it's perfect for anyone living out in the West. There is also more than just sushi on the menu. If you're craving some Teriyaki chicken and grilled meats, those are also options, too!


5. Sushi Crystal

Where: 4075 Saint-Catherine St W // Downtown

Why you should go: Crystal sushi is located smack in the middle of downtown. They have a little tablet on each table so that your order can be sent to the kitchen quickly and an endless wave of sushi and other plates are ready for you ASAP.


4. Sushi St-Jean

Where: 1000 Boul Saint-Jean // Pointe-Claire

Why you should go: Although it's outside the city center, this spot is worth the drive. If you live in the West, you probably know about this place already. The sushi is as good as it looks.


3. Sushi Plus

Where: 5940 Côte-des-Neiges Rd // Cotes-des-Neiges

Why you should go: This spot is located in the Cotes-Des-Neiges area, so if you're a student around that neighborhood you probably should know about this spot already. Not only do they have sushi, but other delicious little Japanese-style dishes.


2. Zushi Sushi

Where: 1805 Saint-Catherine St W // Downtown

Why you should go: Located not far from Mcgill, this is the perfect spot to bring a big group of friends and stuff your face after a big study session. Enjoy not only sushi but delicious Japanese-style treats like tempura and Teriyaki skewer.


1. Bistro K2 Sushi

Where: 1468 Crescent St // Downtown

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Why you should go: This spot is right in the middle of the party on Cresent street. Its intimate environment is great for a date or a dinner before a night out.


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