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Best Baklava In Montreal

A sweet, sticky treat.
Best Baklava In Montreal

Alright, baklava is life. If you've never tried this incredibly crispy, flaky treat, filled with nuts and covered in honey, then let me tell you - you need to try it. Like, right TF now.

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And if you're having a tough time figuring out exactly where to get some seriously prime pieces of baklava, then don't worry. Although there are tons of places in Montreal with amazing baklava, a select few truly stand out from the bunch.

1. Afroditi

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756 Rue Saint Roch

If you've never been to this above and beyond amazing Greek pastry shop, then you need to stop what you're doing and get there ASAP. Among a wide variety of fresh and delicious pastries and other goodies, they've got stacks on stacks on stacks of crispy, sticky, sweet baklava.


2. Mahrouse

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1010 Rue de Liège O

Friends, I was going to go into some spiel about how one bite of the baklava at Mahrouse will make you go from just liking baklava to straight-up loving it... but I feel like that's way too much description to get to my point. Because my point with all of this is simple: the baklava here is delicious, and you absolutely need to try some, ASAFP.


3. Villeray Baklava Cafe

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373 Rue Villeray

What could possibly be better in life than a tea, a coffee, and a nice, crisp, deliciously sweet slice of baklava? Absolutely nothing, guys, which is why this cafe - situated in Villeray - is so amazing. A cafe serving up fresh baklava, there's legit no way you can leave this spot without a huge smile on your face.


4. Efes

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689 Rue Saint Roch

This Turkish pastry shop is situated in Villeray/Parc-Ex, and is renowned for their delicious baklava. Tasty, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth, and infused with just the right amount of sweetness, one bite of the baklava here and you won't even have to wonder why it's known for being so awesome.


5. Serano

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4134 Chemin du Souvenir, Laval

An immense Greek pastry shop in Laval, Serano will legit astound you. Not only does it have every pastry known to man, I'm pretty sure (like millefeuilles, cheesecake, cookies, and more), but it also has an astounding array of baklava, all of which is tasty, fresh, and quite frankly mindblowing.


6. BarBounya

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234 Avenue Laurier O

A super trendy Turkish restaurant in the Plateau specializing in deliciously executed mezze, like liver mousse, marinated sardines, and chicken roti, BarBounya also happens to serve up some of the tastiest baklava in the city. Crisp, fresh, dense, and just perfectly sweet, BarBounya's baklava is more than worth a try or two.


7. Trip De Bouffe

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277 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Located in the Mile-End/Plateau, this pret-a-manger restaurant is the king of quick, delicious, and fresh Mediterranean food. Their baklavas, however, legit take the cake in awesomeness. Like a legit sweet and crunchy taste of pure happiness, the baklava at Trip De Bouffe is life, TBH.


8. Al-Baghdadi

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1624 Avenue Lincoln

A Middle-Eastern bakery in the downtown core of Montreal, this spot is home to some seriously impressive sweet delights. Among their most impressive, though? Their deliciously flaky, awesome baklava.


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