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Best BBQ Restaurants In Montreal

So you can eat some delicious 'Bae'BQ dishes.

I firmly believe that any food gets infinitely better when you place the word "barbecue" in front of it. Case in point? Chicken. Regular chicken's cool and all, but barbecue chicken? Mind-blowing.

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Of course, barbecue food is much more than just slapping some meat on a 'cue. There's a whole preparation - a whole art - involved in creating the perfect BBQ dish, and if you're in Montreal, then I've got some great news for you. The city is full of fantastic places to taste some seriously awesome barbecue dishes.

1. Rubs

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17 Rue Prince Arthur East

Brisket on point, life on point. And the brisket at Rubs? So, incredibly, succulently on point. Hands down my favourite dish at this popular BBQ spot is their brisket - sliced thick, with just the right amount of fat, and super, super flavourful - but if I'm being honest, everything here is fantastic. Protip: get their mac and cheese as a side. You won't regret it.


2. Lattuca

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15 Rue de la Commune O

Lattuca BBQ is located right in Montreal's Old Port, which I think makes it a perfect contender for a date night, or a chill dinner night with your BFFs. But its location is not all that makes this spot so charming: the food here is prepared with legit the utmost care, and the quality of the dishes you get is total proof of that. Their brisket, ribs, sides, and literally everything is so, so delicious.


3. Le Boucan

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1886 Rue Notre-Dame O

If you're in the mood to try some seriously awesome barbecue food, then you've got to get yourself to this Little Burgundy shop ASAP. Le Boucan serves up fresh and delicious food, and with some seriously legit items on their menu (like cajun shrimps, awesome nachos, pork ribs, and more), there's absolutely no way you can go wrong.


4. Joe Chicago

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9787 Boulevard de l'Acadie

If you're ever in Ahuntsic, then you need to check out Joe Chicago. Actually, scratch that. Even if you don't normally find yourself in this awesome Montreal borough, you need to make the trek and try Joe Chicago. Their ribs are incredibly tender and slathered in probably the most tasty sauce I've ever tried; their appetizers are on point (smoked mozzarella sticks, anyone?); and every single dish here is legit magical. Trust, you need to try this spot out, ASAP.


5. Le Smoking BBQ

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2186 St-Catherine O

Smoked chicken, anyone? Le Smoking BBQ, located near Dawson College, is one seriously awesome spot to nosh on some seriously awesome barbecue food. Their menu included tasty delights like the aforementioned smoked chicken, mac and cheese waffles, and homemade sausage, along with tasty classics like pulled pork and beef brisket.


6. Dinette Triple Crown

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6704 Rue Clark

Guys, I could write you a novel about how amazing Dinette Triple Crown is. But don't worry. I'll spare you the details and get straight to it, though: this spot is notorious in the city when it comes to good BBQ food, like their tender, juicy pulled pork, or their succulent, crisp, and flavourful fried chicken. If you haven't tried it yet, you need to - and if you can manage to go there while the weather's still warm, make sure to ask them to pack it for you in a picnic basket, and go enjoy your food in the park nearby.


7. Diablos

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3619 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

This Plateau BBQ emporium has pretty much every single delicious barbecue dish you could think of, like brisket, ribs, chicken, turkey, ribs, and more... plus some seriously tasty extras, like their shrimp po' boy, grilled caesar salad (!), three meat chili, and a whole lot more. Not only does this spot have everything under the sun, but they cook every single thing to perfection, making for a barbecue experience you won't soon forget.


8. Cote St. Luc BBQ

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5403 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc

Pretty much a Montreal institution at this point, Cote St. Luc BBQ is ace at serving up some seriously flavourful, moist, and straight-up awesome rotisserie chicken. This spot boasts super casual vibes and tasty, no-nonsense food: if you want to grab yourself one seriously awesome chicken, you know exactly where to go.


9. Blackstrap BBQ

A photo posted by Clara (@blackstrapbbq) on

4436 Rue Wellington

Three words: "burnt ends" poutine. Okay, now three more words: jerk chicken wings. I could go on listing yummy words forever, but all you need to know is that all of these tasty delights - and more - can be found at Verdun's Blackstrap BBQ. Also, bonus points for their chili cheese fries, which are out of this world.


10. Chalet Bar-B-Q

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Chalet Bar-B-Q Rotisserie

Okay, rotisserie chicken lovers, this place is totally going to blow your mind. It's been around for legit forever, having first opened its doors in 1944 (!!); and if you've ever gotten to try one of their signature crispy, moist, flavourful charcoal rotisserie chickens, then you know exactly why. It's because the food here is, in a few words, totally, utterly, out of this world amazing.


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