Best Beaches Close To Montreal You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

All worth the drive.
Best Beaches Close To Montreal You Need To Road Trip To This Summer

Summer months are rapidly approaching and if you actually want to go on adventures and explore this summer, it's advisable to start doing your research now.

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If you're into sandy beaches and cool water, you don't have to get on a plane. In close proximity to Montreal, there are several freshwater beaches that are not only stunning but also relaxing, perfect for any summer weekend get-away.

Some have more of a party-vibe, and others, are more secluded from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding towns. Here are some of the best beaches you can find less than 4-hours outside the city.

8. Oka Beach, Quebec

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Why you should go: Oka beach is a popular beach destination for city-dwellers due to the close proximity to the city, only about 45 minutes. The downside is that the beach is popular and can get very busy during the warmer months of the year.

7. Parc De L'ile Saint-Quentin, Quebec

Why you should go: Located about 2 hours outside the city, this parc is located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence and have beautiful sandy beaches for you to play and enjoy the hot summer sun. Considering the location, it's more calm and peaceful than some other popular beach destinations close to Montreal.

6. Ogunquit Beach, Maine (USA)

Why you should go: Ogunquit means "beautiful place by the sea" and indeed it is. This popular Maine destination is about 4 hours from Montreal, too far for the day - but, perfect for the weekend. This beach is New England charm at it's best.

5. Sand Banks Provincial Park, Ontario

Why you should go: Sandbanks Provincial Park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and is a great spot for that weekend get-away in the Summer. If you need to escape Montreal for a weekend why not visit one of the biggest fresh bodies of water in Canada.

4. Bluffers Beach, Ontario

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Why you should go: Also on the banks of the very big Lake Ontario, Bluffers beach is located just south of Scarborough Ontario and is a 3-4 hour drive from Montreal. This stunning natural gem is also perfect for day hiking and boating.

3. Saint-Gabriel De Brandon, Quebec

Why you should go: Ville Saint-Gabriel's beach is charming and super fun, and as an added bonus, the town itself has got some awesome summer activities - like hiking and ATV tours - for you to embark on.

2. Lac Simon, Quebec

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Why you should go: If you're looking to actually get-away from people and relax by some calm waters the beaches of Lac Simon in the Outaouais region are for you. Nothing but calm in this local beach only about 2 hours away from Montreal.

1. Lac Des Sables, Quebec

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Why you should go: Beautiful clear water and even more beautiful sunsets, this lake is the definition of hidden gem. Located in the Saint-Agathe-Des-Mont area of Quebec just a short 2-hour drive north of the city, this spot makes for an easy day trip when you need to cool off and unwind after a long week.

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