The Best Breakfast Restaurants In Laval

Start the day off right.
The Best Breakfast Restaurants In Laval

Ah, breakfast. Whether or not you believe that it's the most important meal of the day, there's one thing nobody can deny: It's seriously awesome. Think about it. When else during the day can you consume a huge amount of bacon, eggs, cheese, potatoes, toast, and Nutella, and feel virtually zero guilt about it? Never, that's when. (I mean, technically you can do this always, but you'd feel pretty terrible afterwards. Do not recommend.)

Those of us who call Laval home, or who just love visiting our neighbours to the (very slight) north, know just how awesome Laval does breakfast. Those of us who are less familiar with Laval, though? Well, we might not know about all the hidden breakfast gems that it has to offer. Confused as to what I'm talking about? Don't be, friends. Read on for The Best Breakfast Restaurants In Laval.

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1. Cosmopolitain

3208 Boulevard Saint-Martin O

Okay, the potatoes at Cosmopolitain are my whole entire life. No lie, friends, I sometimes wake up at night craving their delicious breakfast potatoes. Then again, I kind of wake up at night craving the breakfasts here in general - the food is just seriously that good. First of all, their menu is huge, meaning that no matter what breakfast or brunch delight you're down for, they've got your back. Truthfully, though, it doesn't matter what you pick. Everything here is so fresh and delicious that there's absolutely no going wrong.


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2. Le Grange Urbaine

1866 Boulevard des Laurentides

La Grange Urbaine offers breakfast, lunch, and supper menus - and although you're going to want to try out this place for their awesome lunch and supper menus, their breakfast dishes are the star of the show. A sample of their fresh, tasty, and outstanding breakfast options? Their "Breakfast A La Grange", which features eggs served up on a breaded cutlet, and their "Waffle A La Grange" - a seriously fluffy, delicious waffle, smothered in English cream (or chocolate) and topped with vanilla ice cream and your choice of fruit. All the yums? All the yums.


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3. Coco Loco

346 Curé-Labelle Blvd

If you're a lover of all things breakfast, then you're going to want to get yourself to Coco Loco. First of all, their atmosphere is incredibly warm and friendly, making it the perfect breakfast spot to go to whenever you want to chill with friends and/or family, or just grab an early bite. And their food? Out of this world amazing. Although their menu is super varied and full of delicious, fresh breakfast options, you might want to try their pancakes. Super tasty, fluffy, and all-around awesome, the pancakes here kind of steal the show - but, to be honest, everything here is so awesome that you can kind of say that about any dish.


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4. Bagel Ste-Rose

196 Boulevard Sainte-Rose

Alright, Bagel Ste-Rose has already gotten some praise for me in the past for having some incredibly on-point bagels. But this spot deserves all the love for their awesome bagels - not only are these things made fresh on-site, but they're incredibly tasty; crispy on the outside, soft on the inside; and oh, so delicious. Of course, this spot integrates their awesome bagels into their tasty breakfast dishes, making for one seriously mind-blowing breakfast experience.


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5. Oeuffruits

3600 Boulevard Saint-Martin O

Eggs Benedict on point, life on point. And the Eggs Benedict at Oueffruits? Super, super on point. Not only does this spot serve up a seriously delicious Eggs Benedict dish, but the rest of their dishes - ranging from traditionally tasty to deliciously decadent - are consistently fresh, tasty, and cooked absolutely flawlessly. Even if you're not from Laval, you're going to want to make the trek to try this place out. Trust me, it's more than worth it.


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6. Au Blanc D'Oeuf

1903 Boulevard René Laennec

Okay, this spot is seriously awesome. This Laval breakfast and brunch spot features a menu consisting of traditional breakfast fare - and, no matter what you pick, it's always flavourful, always fresh, and always cooked and seasoned to absolute perfection. Protip, though: Try their French toast. It's super tasty, smothered in fresh fruit, and all around amazing.


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7. Kitchen 73

1661 Boulevard de l'Avenir

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with Kitchen 73. Their super trendy and inviting vibe makes it the perfect spot to have breakfast, brunch, and/or lunch with friends, family, significant others - or anyone, basically. But other than having a super spot-on atmosphere, they've got some amazing food, as well. Their menu is super extensive and consists of fresh, high-quality, unique dishes, like their "Le Cinnabon" dish, which features a cinnamon bun dipped in French toast batter and piled high with fresh fruits, grilled almonds, and yogurt. All in all, friends, you're going to want to get yourself to Kitchen 73 - ASAP.


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8. Galleria

890 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

If you've never had breakfast at Galleria, I don't even know what to tell you. You've been missing out, friend. First of all, this Laval breakfast spot has one of the best price/portion/quality ratios that I've ever encountered - for under $10, you can get a huge plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, and baked beans, and that's just the tip of the delicious iceberg. Galleria features tons of incredibly fresh and delicious dishes, huge portions, and fair prices, meaning that if you're feeling breakfast? Yeah, you know where to go.


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9. Petinos

540 Autoroute 13

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know about Petinos. And if you don't? Well, you've been missing out, hands down. Their delicious breakfast dishes are always fresh and bursting with flavour - and many of them include the standard salty breakfast fare, accompanied by a thick, delicious, fluffy waffle, drenched in the sweet, creamy topping of your choice (bring on the Nutella, amiright)? Which means that not only can you enjoy a seriously awesome breakfast, but you can do so without having to decide between salty and sweet. Awesome? You know it.


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10. L'Antre-Nous

619 Rue Principale

If you love crepes, raise your hand. Is your hand raised? It should be, because honestly, everybody loves crepes. And if you are a fan of quite possibly the best breakfast-slash-dessert on the planet, then have I got some good news for you. Laval's L'Antre-Nous serves up some seriously amazing crepes. Their tasty, moist, perfectly cooked crepes feature both salty and sweet toppings - and not just any toppings, either. We're talking things like their "Cheese Cake" crepe, with cream cheese, strawberries, and grilled almonds; their "Benedictin", with brie, hollandaise sauce, and an egg; and their "Love Actually", featuring salted caramel, bananas, strawberries, and much more. In other words, friends? If you're a fan of breakfast in general, you're going to want to get here.


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