Best Breakfast Restaurants In Montreal's West Island 2015

You know how the saying goes: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you're a bit confused as to why that saying is, then maybe you've never been to any one of these awesome places. West Island friends - you have no excuse. Get yourselves there. Non West Island friends? If this isn't an excuse to go visit the West, then I don't know what is. Read on for the Best Breakfast Restaurants In The West Island 2015.

1. Kitchen 73

45 Brunswick Boulevard

Ever had a breakfast that changed your life? Well, if you've eaten at Kitchen 73, then that answer is yes. Unique dishes, fresh ingredients, and fair prices all come together to give you one of the best breakfast experiences ever. Protip: if you're a fan of ice cream with breakfast (and who isn't?), then try the "À La Mode" crepes. Also try not to weep. And then fail miserably.


2. Dejeuner Cosmopolitain

983 Saint-Jean Boul

If breakfast doesn't have you jumping for joy, then you're not doing it right. The food at Cosmopolitain, though? Trust me when I say you'll be leaping with glee once you try one of their game-changing breakfast dishes. Special s/o to their potatoes for being exactly what I needed in my breakfast life.


3. Eggsquis

106 Boul. Don Quichotte

I'm pretty sure Eggsquis is a play on the word 'exquisite'. Which is extremely appropriate, considering that's exactly how I would describe their food. Bonus points for having a huge and varied breakfast menu - meaning you can be in the mood for literally any breakfast delight, and it'll most likely be on their delicious menu.


4. Déjeuner Inc.

4701 Boul Saint-Jean

Three letters: omg. Déjeuner Inc. is in the business of serving up legit fresh and delicious breakfast food, and they don't mess around. Bonus points for their fair prices, big portions, and straight up delicious food. Actually, all the points for their fair prices, big portions, and straight up delicious food. Winning? Winning.


Photo cred - Julia Forgione

5. Petinos

3520 Sources Blvd

Straight up, you haven't lived if you haven't had breakfast at Petinos. First of all, you can have both a delicious salty breakfast dish, and a mouthwateringly sweet breakfast dish... all at once. Which, you know, I'm pretty sure is the definition of heaven. To sweeten the deal, Petinos offers fresh food, fair prices, and seriously awesome portions. Run there, friends. Run there.


6. Le Quartier Du Dejeuner

1858 Boul des Sources

If the word 'delicious' manifested itself into a restaurant, that restaurant would be Le Quartier Du Dejeuner. No joke. What really makes Le Quartier stand out is their delicious food (of course!), prime location, and huge menu. Seriously, what are you feeling this morning? Buttermilk pancake? Omelette featuring feta? Because they've got it, friends. And it's delicious.


7. Omelette & Cie

126 Boul. Jacques-Bizard

Don't let the name fool you: Omelette & Cie serves up much more than just an amazing omelette. Their food is fresh, homemade, and consistently on point (special S/O to their crepes. Omg.) Omelette & Cie doesn't just score serious points for their amazing breakfasts, but for their friendly and relaxed ambiance, too. Oh, and to sweeten the deal? You can enjoy your breakfast in the beauty of the outdoors during summer, all thanks to their awesome terrace.

8. Mama Bravo

475 Grand Boulevard

Mama Bravo is a delicious choice for pretty much any meal - but, come on. You can't say no to breakfast. And especially not a delicious breakfast from Mama Bravo. Good food and a friendly atmosphere are cornerstones of this awesome restaurant, but their varied breakfast menu means that no matter what you're feeling, you can partake in the delicious Mama Bravo experience. Yum? Yum.


9. Le Cafe Campagne

3673 Route Harwood

Let's just get this out of the way now: this place is adorable. A breakfast (/lunch/brunch) restaurant with a country style vibe, Le Cafe Campagne serves up traditional breakfast foods with mouthwatering twists (pear-stuffed crepes, anyone?) Although Le Cafe Campagne is technically in Vaudreuil-Dorion - which is still kind of an honorary part of The West Island - their unique vibe and awesome food make this place worth the trip.

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