Best Buy To Open All-New Concept Store Downtown Montreal

Friends, we did it. We're almost in the clear. It's already December and soon, 2017 will be just a speck of dust in our rearview mirrors.

But before we speed straight ahead into 2018, we've still got to get through the month. Which is fine, because let's be real - December is probably the most fun month to get through. It's got everything: winter wonderland vibes, the holidays, Peppermint Mocha lattes, Boxing Day and of course winter vacation.

And now, we can all add one more thing on our list of awesome things December has in store for us. Because on December 8, Montreal's Best Buy will be revealing a brand new Experience Store at the downtown location on Sainte-Catherine (470 Saint-Catherine St W)!

Best Buy is pretty much known as the go-to shop for all your electronic needs in Montreal. Whether you want to pick up the brand new HP Sprocket for yourself or for your loved ones (because Christmas is coming up, don't forget!), Best Buy has pretty much totally got you covered.

But in addition to all thehottest new technological gadgets, the beautifully renovated Best Buy on Montreal's Sainte-Catherine Street will showcase some super immersive sections, as well to create a unique experience for shoppers. 

We attended the media VIP event on December 6 to discover what the brand new Experience store will feature. We were surprised to discover Chef Hakim Chajar in the kitchen appliances area where he was cooking with Best Buy products; home decor star Vanessa Sicotte presented her top picks in the Smart Home section where there is a built-in wall and an entertainment section with Best Buy's very own blue-shirted helpers! 

Plus, the store is more immersive than ever before. Meaning you can experience firsthand many of the innovative products that Best Buy carries.

And thanks to the revamp, the store is a lot easier to navigate, organized in a way that'll basically guarantee you'll be able to find exactly what you want, quickly and efficiently. There'll even be tons of Best Buy blue-shirt helpers around just to make sure your experience is awesome!

The brand new, revamped Best Buy downtown is definitely worth a visit, especially with the holidays coming up because you just know this is exactly where you'll find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

But just in case you're more of an online shopping kind of person, then no worries! You can peep Best Buy's vast selection of products online, too and have it shipped directly to your house. You can even actually reserve your product online and go pick it up in-store - whatever you prefer!

via @bestbuycanada

I mean, a brand new, fun, immersive Best Buy Experience shop right downtown that also happens to carry the hottest gadgets just in time for the holidays? Yeah, count me in.

For more information on Best Buy and their revamped Experience store in downtown Montreal, check out their Facebook, website and Instagram page!