Best Cannolis In Montreal

12 spots to get Italy's greatest dessert!
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Best Cannolis In Montreal

Italians are a lucky bunch. Not only do they get to eat some of the best and most beloved food in the world, but they get some of the best desserts, too. It's really not fair, to be honest, but luckily, Italians love to share their delicious treats with everyone! 

Montreal nails it when it comes to all things Italian. We know that there are countless bakeries that claim to make the best cannoli, but which ones make the best true Sicilian cannoli? 

Thankfully, you've got MTL Blog. Today, we bring you 12 of Montreal's finest and most authentic cannoli spots! And by all means, if you get a sudden cannoli craving and have to stop reading this article to satisfy your craving, do it! 


Zenoli is a family-owned Italian boulangerie in downtown Montreal that serves some of the city's best cannoli. Have one of their delicious sandwiches and a couple (dozen) cannoli for dessert, you'll be glad you did!

Where: 250 Sherbrooke O.

La Conca d'Oro

Located in Villeray, La Conca d'Oro is an amazing place to get a cannoli. They won Italian Week's "Best Cannoli" award! Order a dozen and don't share! You'll be instantly hooked.

Where: 2550 Jean-Talon E.

Patisserie St-Martin

St. Martin islocated in Laval but is totally worth the journey. Their cannoli is probably the best outside of Montreal. Their shell is not overly sweet and has a perfect crisp texture that ties in with their delicious ricotta.

Where: 2495 boul Saint-Martin


Alati-Caserta in Little Italy is widely known as one of the best Montreal spots to get a cannoli. Their shell is crisp; their ricotta rich and sweet...their cannoli are seriously amazing. Go there tout de suite!

Where: 277 rue Dante

Cafe Milano

Milano is a classic Little Italy spot that Montrealers can't stop raving about. The cannoli here is mind-blowing. Order one of their awesome espressos, and dip your cannoli in it. Just trust me.

Where: 5188 Jarry E.


Located in St. Leonard, Alati makes one amazing cannoli. Don't worry if you don't see any cannoli in the window, they are made to order. The shell is crisp and tasty; the ricotta filling is sweet but not overpowering.

Where: 5265 Jean-Talon E.

Patisserie Montebello

Montebello makes one of the best cannoli in town. Their fresh, homemade ricotta cream and perfectly crisp shells are totally addictive. Located in Montreal North, Montebello might be a little ways away for some but it's worth it, trust me.

Where: 3340 rue Fleury E.

Dolci Piu

The cannoli at Dolci Piu are made to order, so you know you're getting something good. Located in Ville St-Laurent, it's a favourite of many Vanier and Cegep St-Laurent students. You seriously need to make the trip and try one (or five).

Where: 849 Decarie

Cafe Vito

Cafe Vito serves up not only some of the best coffee in Montreal, their sweets are on point to. When it comes to delicious cannoli, they are bar-none. Their cannoli features a super light and airy filling. Go for the coffee, stay for the cannoli.

Where: 151 rue Villeray

Patisserie Tillemont

Patisserie Tillemont is a family-owned Italian bakery and cafe specializing in Italian pastries. Known mostly for their wedding cakes, their crispy cannoli are filled with either ricotta or custard (your choice) and topped off with icing sugar for a delicious treat. An underrated but fantastic stop on Montreal's cannoli journey.

Where: 1812 rue Tillemont

Del Sole

Del Sole serves up some of the most delicious Italian pastries ever and their cannoli are no exception. The cannoli here are sure to become your newest addiction. Get there now!

Where: 7750 Henri-Bourassa E. / 8934 Boulevard Viau / 3313 Boulevard de la Concorde E

Patisserie San Marco

@patisseriesanmarcoembedded via

San Marco has some of Montreal's favourite cannoli. This classic institution's cannoli have an amazingly flavourful ricotta filling and deliciously crispy shells. If you haven't had a San Marco cannoli yet, what are you waiting for?

Where: 1581 Jean-Talon E.

We hope this helps you on your cannoli crusade, and if you try any (or all) of these, be sure to tag us @MTLblog on Instagram.

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