Best Chicken Wings In Montreal

Juicy, tasty, and straight-up fun to eat by the dozen.

Friends, there is nothing like a juicy, tasty, crispy chicken wing. Literally. No snack comes close; I don't know if it's because it's so versatile (you can have this snack for the Superbowl, as an appetizer, as a meal, or basically whenever) or so tasty... but whatever. It doesn't matter. They're just that awesome.

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Which is exactly why it's so great that in Montreal, there are tons of spots to get some super tasty chicken wings. And although a bunch of places do them so, so right, a select handful truly stand out of the bunch.

Cunninghams Pub

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75 Rue Sainte-Anne

This West Island spot is seriously awesome. A friendly and warm pub, their menu has a wide variety of amazing dishes (like deep fried dumplings!) but the true standout? Their chicken wings. Big and juicy wings served slathered up in one of 10 sauces, there's legit no way you can go wrong here.


NextDoor Pub

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5175A Rue Sherbrooke O

This awesome NDG pub is full of all the best things in life. It's homey, comfortable, always has the best drinks, and their menu is top notch. One of the best things you can get at NextDoor, though? Their juicy, tasty chicken wings.


Bird Bar

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1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

Honestly, how much do I love this Griffintown spot? Le Bird Bar specializes in serving up fried chicken (and champagne), and have a menu full of unique and tasty options. Their fried chicken wings, though, are particularly amazing: they're juicy, tasty, and oh so deliciously crispy.



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1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

This Portuguese chicken restaurant located in downtown Montreal will literally make all of your chicken wing dreams come true. Their chicken wings are crisp, moist, and bursting with flavour, making them one of the best chicken wing options around, TBH.



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177 Rue Bernard O

This Mile End Korean restaurant is honestly amazing. They've got great dishes and great drinks, and if you're down for chicken wings that have more of a unique taste, then you've got to try their dak nalge tigim: sweet, crispy chicken wings with Korean chili paste.



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6135 Rue Sherbrooke O

If you love your chicken crispy, juicy, and bursting with flavour, then have I got some awesome news. This NDG Korean chicken restaurant has got you covered. Their chicken wings are everything I've just described and much, much more.


Hurley's Irish Pub

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1225 Rue Crescent

This Irish pub has pretty much everything you could want in an awesome spot: good food, good drinks, and amazingly friendly vibes. Although they have a super varied menu full of awesome comfort foods, their chicken wings stand out... particularly when they're slathered in their Thai sauce.



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17 Rue Prince Arthur E

Honestly, Rubs has got some of the tastiest dishes in the city. Their brisket is super moist and flavourful; their mac and cheese is delicious; and their wings? OMG. Their smoked chicken wings are some of the tastiest, meatiest wings you could get in the whole city.


The Basak

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1237 Rue Guy

This Korean restaurant, located right near Montreal's Concordia University, is seriously awesome. They specialize in crispy and juicy fried chicken, and their huge, juicy, crispy chicken wings are just one of many amazing dishes you can eat here.



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775 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

A pub situated in the heart of the Plateau, this spot offers up good vibes, good times, and some seriously good wings. They're huge, juicy, and slathered in enough sauce to make you smile... plus they're served up directly on the table, upping the awesome factor by about a hundred.


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