Best Churros In Montreal

Sweet, crisp deliciousness.
Best Churros In Montreal
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If I were to ask you what the perfect dessert is, what would you say? Chocolate cake? Ice cream? I don't know, like, gummy worms?

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Well, you'd be wrong. Because there's no such thing as perfection. But also because churros exist and they're the best thing to ever come out of dough and dulce de leche, hands down.

Montreal has tons of awesome places to grab some churros, but a select few truly stand out of the bunch!

Che Churro

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6543 Somerled Ave

Possibly the OG delicious churro spot in the city, the churros (and other pastries!) here are fresh, sweet, dense, crisp, and pretty much the most perfect things you might ever put in your mouth. Eat one, and prepare for all the good vibes, friends.


Chichi Cafe

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95 Rue St-Sylvestre

This Longueil cafe is pretty much dedicated to the art of the churro. They serve fresh and tasty churros stuffed with dulce de leche or Nutella, as well as tiny churro-like pastries (called chichis), and churro cakes!



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8460 Boulevard Lacordaire

This St. Leonard hotspot serves up gelato, coffee, ice cream, and some of the tastiest churros you'll ever try. They've got the regular variety, and thicker churros, stuffed with things like chocolate and caramel, and coated with chocolate. All the yums.


Augusto Al Gusto

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4578 Wellington St

This Verdun Mexican spot is pretty much heaven for anyone who loves Mexican food. And that includes churros, of course! The churros here are crisp, light, and totally delicious, the perfect dessert or snack, TBH.



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345 Rue Villeray

Mini crisp and sweet churros served in a caramel dipping sauce? Um, sign me TF up. The only thing better than these sweet treats is probably using a meal from this delicious restaurant as a precursor to the churro euphoria you'll feel the second you eat one of these.


M Churros Mme Banane

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7497 St Hubert St

This food truck is pretty much always in the Old Port, and trust, the churros you'll taste from this spot are unlike any other. Perfectly cooked, dense, sweet, and stuffed with some seriously delicious options, the churros here are basically heaven. For extra good vibes, try one of their frozen bananas!



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1206 Union Ave

A powerhouse for delicious Mexican food in the downtown area of Montreal, the only thing better than a meal from Escondite would be a dessert from Escondite. Specifically, their sweet, perfectly crisp, bite-sized churros, with supplied chocolate dipping sauce, of course!


Churro Montreal

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7497 St Hubert St

Honestly, I don't know what's better: the fresh, doughy, crisp, sweet churro dough, or the fact that it's absolutely filled to the brim with deliciously creamy sweetness. Either way, if you're down for one of the tastiest churros in the whole city, you've got to come to this St. Hubert Street churro haven.


Bonus: Le Blueboy

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150 Mont-Royal Ave E

Because topping a sweet sundae with a deliciously fresh and crisp churro is a pure stroke of genius, TBH.


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