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Quebec City Ranked #2 Best "City Of Opportunity" In The World For Families, Montreal #9

The German website Movinga has just released a worldwide ranking of "cities of opportunity," particularly for families looking to move in 2020. Only three Canadian cities made the list of top 10 best cities in the world for families and Quebec City came in at #2. Montreal also made the list coming in at #9, and the third Canadian city to make the top 10 was Calgary, ranked at #8.

Ottawa was also named in the top 20, coming in at #14. Toronto and Vancouver came neck-and-neck in spots #34 and #35, with Toronto just beating out Vancouver.

The study considered 150 international cities and compared them based on 16 factors, including housing affordability, living costs by income, unemployment (%), education, safety, mobility, air quality (µg/m3), and healthcare.

The study focused on the best cities for families, so it also considered factors like kids' activities, paid parental leave (in days), family inclusivity, neighbourhood safety, and family friendliness. 

Each of the factors was scored out of 100 (unless noted above as being measured by another method, like a percentage for unemployment, for example) and you can filter the data on the Movinga website to consider the best city in a certain category.

These were the top 10 cities of the 150 considered by Movinga for this survey.

1. Helsinki, Finland

2. Quebec City, Canada

3. Oslo, Norway

4. Munich, Germany

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Stockholm, Sweden

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

8. Calgary, Canada

9. Montreal, Canada

10. Gothenburg, Sweden

Canada and Sweden are the only two countries to have multiple cities appear in the top 10, with Canada taking the #2, #8 and #9 spots.

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Quebec City ranked highest when it came to Housing Affordability (99.81/100), Education (95.23/100), and Safety (92.5/100).

Montreal found its top marks in Education (95.23/100), Safety (89.5/100), and Living Costs by Income (88.08/100).

The city with the most Affordable Housing was Essen, Germany, followed by Quebec City and then Hanover, Germany.

Singapore topped the list for Mobility, with a score of 100, which considered the "efficiency of a city’s public and private transport systems."

Montreal was definitely the best Canadian city for Mobility on the list but only managed a 73.22/100. Quebec City followed with a score of 73.02/100.

You can take a look at the full survey and all the data at Movinga's website right here.

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