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11 Great Spots To Take A Date To In Montreal If They Love Chocolate

For people in love with the cocoa.

Few foods unite people like chocolate. Bitter, sweet, or creamy depending on the make, model, and style, chocolate can come in so many forms, just like romance. And the two are are easy to join together in Montreal.

Honestly, the title of this article mine as well be "where to go in Montreal for a date" because lets be honest here people, everyone loves chocolate.

Wait, what's that I hear from you in the back? You don't like chocolate? Well, kindly gtfo bro, because this post is all about folks who love (or just like) each other and the heavenly goodness that is chocolate.

Anyways, back to chocolate-centric dates and the many you can find in Montreal. To ensure there's a bit of variety, each of the locales listed below have a unique feature to them that makes them particularly date-tastic. And yes, Juliette et Chocolat is not on this list, because that place has been dated-to-death.

So without further ado, here are twelve great date ideas if your date loves chocolate.

Les chocolats de Chloé

546 Duluth

So you know your date loves chocolate, but you might not be sure as to what kind is their absolute favourite. Do they enjoy truffles, or bars? Are they cocoa-purists, or do they like the addition of peanut butter and the like? If that's the case, then play it safe at Les chocolats de Chloé. Crafting artisanal chocolate creations of every sort, this Duluth chocolatier will meet the needs of any chocolate fiend, guaranteed.

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Chez Suzette

3 Saint Paul E

Don't get confused as to why a creperie and fondue joint is on this list, because never forget that chocolate fondue is a thing, and Chez Suzette is where to get it. Because everyone knows the only thing better than chocolate is being able to dip all sorts stuff into a pot of melted chocolate, your date is bound to love Chez Suzette as a date. Sure, it's a tad bit expensive, but when you combine the romantic atmosphere of Old Montreal with the magic of chocolate fondue, a date doesn't get any better.

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Divine Chocolatier

2158 Crescent

Great chocolate makes for a great date, no argument there. But if you really want to impress your special someone, add an extra layer of awesome to your romantic outing. Here's a classic date combo that's definitely worked for me: head to Divine Chocolatier, then mosey on over to the Montreal Musuem of Fine Arts, barely a block away. And don't think Divine Chocolatier only has location on its side, because this is one of the most celebrated chocolate joints in the city, it just has the added benefit of being near another great date locale.

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Fous Desserts

809 Laurier E

Coffee dates are pretty par for the course when it comes to a couple's inaugural outing, but, speaking from experience, all that one-on-one time can be a bit stressful. Let chocolate baked goods take some of the edge off at Fous Desserts. Living up to its namesake, Fous Desserts offers a crazy selection of pastries, with plenty of chocolate options to choose from. Of course, there are a fair amount of truffles and chocolate-only treats to indulge upon too. Peruse the selection with your partner, chat about what to get, and let the conversation flow from there.

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Cocoa Locale

4807 Parc

Now, if you and your date are quite intimate with each other already and want to indulge in some cocoa-y desserts, then Cocoa Locale is the place to go. Why is this a spot for folks who have been dating for a hot bit? Well, mainly because the chocolate desserts here are utterly sublime and you won't do much talking, which isn't all that great for a first date. Seriously, the cupcakes, brownies, and cakes at Cocoa Locale will leave you speechless. And with so many creative flavour combinations, you're sure to find something that calls out to your sweet tooth.

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4615 Notre Dame

Pie and chocolate, can anything be better? No, of course not, and that's exactly what you'll find at Rustique, Saint Henri's beloved pie vendor. Of course, Rustique sells pies of every sort, but you're in it for the chocolate-fix, so enjoy one of their sinful cocoa creations with your date and ignore all thoughts of calories.

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La Tablette de Miss Choco

838 Mont Royal

When it comes to the purest hot chocolate, made with the highest quality cocoa, few chocolatiers compare with Miss Choco. Describing itself as a vendor of "bean-to-bar" products, Miss Choco ensures its chocolatiers work with cocoa growers to create the best quality of products. Anything you and your date enjoy at Miss Choco will be utterly delectable, but personally, the hot chocolate is the showstopper.

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Montreal's Chocolate Academy

4850 Molson

Couples who want a tad more dynamic date idea may want to check out Montreal's Chocolate Academy, which is everything it sounds like. Offering courses for beginner chocolate-enthusiasts to trained chocolatiers, the Chocolate Academy will up your cocoa-game no matter your skill level. Because as we all know, couples who create chocolate together, stick together. And also get cavities together.

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Chocolat Chocolat

8580 St Hubert

Once you and your date have become amateur chocolatiers (or full-on pros) then your next date spot is Chocolat Chocolat. A purveyor of all things needed to create amazing chocolate, from molds to cacao berries, Chocolat Chocolat will give you everything you and your SO need to have an adorable afternoon spent making chocolate together.

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Chocolaterie Bonneau

69 Fleury W

Another options for those looking to up their chocolate-making game is Chocolaterie Bonneau. Worth checking out for their wonderful chocolate creations, Bonneau also gives you the chance to explore their factory too. Taking you into their workshop twice a week, you and your date will have the chance to learn everything about the chocolate-making process. A solid choice for an exciting, unconventional, and (most importantly) chocolate-filled date.

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La Diperie

68 des Pins

Now, once the weather warms up a spell, you'll no doubt be looking for a refreshing way to enjoy chocolate with your bae. Enter La Diperie. Whereas other Montreal ice cream shops aimply sell chocolate ice cream, La Diperie sells chocolate covered ice cream. A cool spin on the classic dipped cone, La Diperie kicks things up a notch by offering you a plethora of toppings and melted-chocolate-dipping options. The heat can't come quick enough.

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