Best $1 Oyster Deals In Montreal

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Best $1 Oyster Deals In Montreal

There are two types of people in the world: those who love oysters and those who don't. You just can't fight it. Similar to olives, these slurpy sea treats are an acquired taste. You either love 'em or hate 'em.

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So - the reason you've found yourself reading this - I assume, is because you love oysters.  Well, my friend, you've come to the right place!

Like most food that comes from the sea, oysters can fall on the pricey side. But, you don't always need to run an insane tab to enjoy an oyster night. These Montreal spots scattered across the city all offer amazing oyster deals on different nights of the week, and are all highly-rated not only for their oysters but for their atmosphere and food.

9. Brasserie Bernard

Where: 1249 Avenue Bernard // Mile-End

Why you should go: Because everyone needs a Monday pick-me-up! Not only does this chic Mile-End restaurant serve dollar Oysters every Monday night, they also serve up delicious looking French-inspired bistro dishes like muscles and fries in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


8. La Betise

Where: 6015 St Hubert St // Rosemont

Why you should go: La Betise is an Asian-Inspired tapas lounge. With white brick walls and dim lights, this is a great spot to unwind after a long day of work. Good thing they have awesome deals on Oysters. Monday & Wednesday night is $1 oyster, all night!


7. La Boite A Huitre

Where: 7070 Henri Julien Ave // Jean-Talon Market

Why you should go: This place is for the serious Oyster connoisseurs. Not only do they have a great weekly special - $1 oysters every Tuesday from 10am-6pm - they also have the biggest selection of oysters in North America! So those looking for some variety in their oyster game should check this place out.


6. La Société Bistro

Where: 1415 Mountain Street // Downtown

Why you should go: Other than it's central location right downtown, this classy joint has a really strong $1 oyster game. Every Tuesday and Friday after 5PM oysters are only one buck.


5. Flyjin

Where: 417 Rue St. Pierre // Old Port

Why you should go: Flyjin is a Japanese fusion izakaya by day and a club by night. Every Wednesday they have $1 deals all day. Stay late and have a couple drinks too. You never know where the night will go.


4. Bier Markt

Where: 221 René-Lévesque Blvd West // Downtown

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Why you should go: Bier Markt is super centrally located, and due to its huge size, is pretty hard to miss if you're driving by. This mega gastropub is known for their beer - obviously, but also for $1 oyster specials happening all night on Wednesday and Thursdays.


3. Labarake

Where: 3165 Rue Rachel East // Plateau

Why you should go: This spot is located in the East-side of the Plateau, with high-ceilinged and warm decor this brasserie serves up small plates, hearty mains dishes, and craft cocktails. Not to mention $1 oyster Sunday, Monday, Tuesday - in the bar section of the restaurant. It can get busy, so they suggest you make a reso ahead of time.


2. Ludger

Where: 4001 Notre-Dame St West // Saint-Henri

Why you should go: If you prefer a cozy and intimate atmosphere this Saint-Henri spot will do the trick. With only a few seats at the bar, this is a restaurant by day and a cocktail bar by night. They also have THE BEST 5@7 deal in the city. Every Monday to Friday, pair your oysters with anything bubbly - including champagne - and get 50% off both.

1. Stella Pizzeria

Where: 1327 Laurier Ave E // Plateau

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Why you should go: Located in the very quaint but trendy area of Laurier East, this pizzeria has got it all. Amazing-looking fresh pizzas and pasta, and a lively and friendly ambiance. Of course, the deal you've been waiting for - $1 Oysters. Every Tuesdays you can get oyster deals, let's be real - you'll probably end up staying for dinner, too.


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